When the bad guys in the movies break open the front door with a paperclip or a lockpick in a few seconds without making any noise – it certainly looks impressive. But no one wants to face such a situation in real life, right? That is why today we decided to tell you how to choose a front door lock that is resistant to burglary, mechanical shock, and other troubles.

Locks Type

When it comes to сhoosing a door lock, pay attention to its operational and technical characteristics. To increase the burglary resistance of the front door, we recommend installing two locks with different locking systems. For example, it can be a cylinder and lever lock. They differ in the principle of operation, which will minimize the risk of hacking.

Smart Locks

Compared to traditional solutions, today smart locks are the most secure and burglary resistant. These locks do not require a key, they can be opened using a combination set or a special card key fob. We also recommend paying attention to smart locks that are unlocked using a fingerprint.

You can connect the smart lock to a video intercom, or smart home system and control it from a smartphone through a special application. It is very comfortable. For example, if you can’t remember whether you closed the door or not, you can always check it on your smartphone. Now you don’t have to call your neighbor and ask him to check your door.

Pick-Resistant Locks Class

We have two pieces of news for you. The bad news is that absolutely all locks can be picked. It’s a matter of time. But there is also good news. If the lock has a 3 or 4 security class, it will be much more difficult for a fraudster to do this. Class 1 and 2 locks have minimal security and can withstand picking from 5 to 10 minutes, while class 3 and 4 locks have a high level of security, with an opening resistance of up to 40 minutes. Do not ignore this option.

Don’t Skimp On Your Front Door Lock

Everyone knows that free cheese is only found in a mousetrap. Therefore, the cheaper the lock, the easier it will be to crack. Unfortunately, many manufacturers reduce the price of locks due to the poor quality of the components of the locking mechanism. As a rule, burglary-resistant locks have an additional set of toggle switches, which increases their cost. A cheap lock is like a lottery ticket. Unfortunately, you cannot be completely sure that it will be able to protect your house or apartment from scammers.

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