When was the last time you changed the lock on your door? Don’t remember? You are not alone. This question baffles many homeowners. After all, few of us in everyday life think about such a seemingly insignificant matter.

There are cases when the replacement of the lock is a guarantee of the safety of life and the safety of valuables. We have identified the top 5 reasons to say goodbye to an old lock and install a new one.

Moving To New Apartments

Even if the realtor convinces you that the house is being rented for the first time and no one has lived in it before, be careful. Duplicate keys can be left with the builders, general contractor, or realtor, and count on their honesty – this is a bad idea. Please don’t play with fire. Believe us, by installing a new lock you will sleep peacefully at night.

Also, consider replacing your keys after divorce from your husband or wife. If you’re ending a relationship with someone on a tense note, installing a new lock is a great idea.

Key Loss

No person in the world has not lost the keys at least once in his life. This is the most common unpleasant situation that can happen to even the most responsible person. Even if you are sure that you left the keys with your best friend and you can find them in a few days, do not risk it. Unfortunately, thieves are on the alert and can break into your home at any moment. Replacing or recoding the lock will not take much time. A first-class locksmith can handle this task within an hour.

Damage To The Lock After A Burglary Attempt

In most cases, attackers use improvised little things for hacking, such as paper clips, coins, and wires. Even if the lock visually remains unharmed after a burglary attempt, we do not recommend continuing to use it. In fact, the keyhole can be “loose”. Next time, thieves will have 5 minutes to finish the job they started. It’s not worth the risk.

Lock Wear

Nothing in this world is permanent. This also applies to door locks. According to statistics, every year, we lock and unlock the front door about 10,000 times. Over time, the lock can seize due to wear on the locking mechanism, dirt, or corrosion. We recommend changing locks every 5 years. The situation when the key does not turn can take you by surprise. Therefore, if you notice that the lock does not turn well, or sticks, be sure to seek help from a professional locksmith.

We hope our tips have been helpful to you!

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