Residential Locksmith

Whether at work, on a business trip, or vacation, everyone wants to be sure that their house or apartment is secure. Properly selected and installed locks will help protect your family from intruders by minimizing the risk of burglars’ entry into apartments, theft of possessions, or confidential documents. You no have to worry about it! Installing, repairing, recoding the lock, making new keys or duplicates – our residential locksmith can handle any task perfectly!

Residential Lock Replacement

Have you lost your keys? Or maybe you have moved to a new house? Or burglars tried to get into your house and broke the door lock? There are various circumstances for which you urgently need to change the lock. When it comes to home security, every minute counts, so it makes sense to turn to a professional locksmith.
You may also need our services if the door lock is outdated. The truth is that no one thinks about changing locks until they start to jam. To prevent a faulty lock from catching you at the most inopportune moment, we recommend changing the locks within 5-7 years of active use. In addition to door locks, we can also update the garage door lock, selecting a model with a high level of pick resistance.

New Lock Installation

Have you decided to install a new lock? Great! Just remember, the lock is your safety, so its selection and installation should be approached carefully. To make this task easier, call our company. Our locksmiths work on our favorite types of locks, including combination handles and deadbolt models with rim latches and an extra layer of security.
As part of the “residential key (master key) cut or duplicate” service offered by us, you receive several key sets to your door lock. Leave a spare key with a neighbor or relative! If suddenly you forget the key inside the house, you will always know who can come to your aid when something goes wrong.
If you prefer electronic systems, then keyless door lock installation (keypad) is what you need. Upon request, we can customize or reprogram this lock according to your wishes.

Repair Lock

Every homeowner must understand that a lock is a more complex system than it might seem. The wear of the small parts can lead to big problems. What to do if the key does not scroll well inside the lock and gets stuck occasionally? The answer is obvious: instead of trying to repair the lock yourself or waiting for it to break at the most inopportune moment, you should contact a professional locksmith.
Repair lock begins with a thorough diagnosis. If the lock moves slowly, the problem can be both a dirty keyhole and more complex damage to internal components. Our residential locksmith can fix anything from a broken handle lock to a misaligned latch.

Broken Key Extraction

Are you also one of those people who think that breaking the key inside the keyhole is a thing that definitely won’t happen to you? You will be amazed, but this is one of the most common problems and most often occurs due to powerful pressure applied to the key when trying to open or close the lock. But it doesn’t matter if our locksmith is nearby.
To extract the key, our technician uses a set of special tools, which you allow to remove the key from the lock mechanism without damaging its internal and external components.

Our Residential Locksmith Is At Your Service

By contacting our company, you can be sure of the performance of services to the highest standards. Our technicians have extensive experience with residential locks, constantly improving their professional knowledge and skills. We provide a full range of locksmith services, from changing the mailbox lock to installing a smart lock.

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