Leaving the keys inside the car, going about your business, and finding out that the door is locked – it’s not fun. Especially if you don’t have spare keys handy and you urgently need to go somewhere. Sure, your boss will not be happy if you are late for a big meeting because of such an epic fail.

Just don’t panic! Today we will tell you how to unlock a car without keys, using the items at hand that you can find anywhere.

Use The String

Basically, any rope, fishing line, and even ordinary shoelaces will do to unlock the car doors. The main thing is the string must span the car window diagonally, so it should be about 1-1.5 feet long.

Now the matter remains small: tie a loop in the middle of the rope in the way to it can be tightened next. Then carefully stick the rope under the top corner of the door, and lower it diagonally down, keeping both its ends. Once you loop over the lock button, pull the knot tight and it up to. That’s all.

Find A Wire Coat Hanger

Guys, this is not a joke. If there is a laundromat or a store around you where you can buy a wire coat hanger, you’re in luck! So what do you need to do?

Follow these tips:

  • Step 1. Straighten the hanger, leaving the hook at one end.
  • Step 2. Slip the wire in the gap between the door and the frame.
  • Step 3. Hook the lock button and put it up.

Also, there is another effective method for unlocking a car door using a hanger. Insert a straightened hanger with a hook at the end between the window and the weatherstripping. Next, let it down until you catch the rod or locking mechanism to which it is attached. Then pull it up.

How About A Tennis Ball?

There is another badass lifehack that annually collects millions of views on YouTube. No magic, just a tennis ball, a little time, and your patience.

You need to make a hole in the tennis ball with something sharp. For this, a knife, a screwdriver, anything is suitable. The next step – you press the ball over the keyhole and do a few short, hard pushes. Due to the pressure exerted on the locking mechanism, the door should unlock.

Break The Car Window

We immediately warn you that breaking a window is not the best option because calling an emergency locksmith will cost you much less than buying and installing new glass. In addition, it is unsafe. Use this method just in emergencies. For example, if there is a child or a pet left inside the car, or in a pinch, you urgently need to save the world and you can do not without a car.

Contact The Locksmith

Perhaps, this is the most secure option. The locksmith will be able to open the locked door without damaging the car. If you are in Philadelphia, you can call us. We are always in touch and ready to help you.

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