Commercial Locksmith

When renting an office, retail space, or any other commercial property, the first thing to take care of is its security. To be sure that third-party people will not enter the territory of premises during your absence or that the lock in the door will not treacherously jam at the most inopportune moment, it’s critical the lock works properly. That’s why you need a professional commercial locksmith who provides a full range of services, from installing a new lock to making key duplicates. So we can help you!

Commercial Lock Replacement

Have you moved to a new business building? Or maybe you bought a storage facility, and need to replace old locks with new ones to ensure the safety of goods or expensive equipment? No problem. Whether you need to replace a single lock or a master key system, our skilled locksmith can handle any task.
If you have lost your office keys and are worried that criminals or former employees with mercenary intentions may use them, then a rekey (master rekey) lock is what you need. This service is an excellent alternative to a complete replacement of the lock mechanism and makes sense for those who use a universal key that fits several door locks at the same time. Rekeying the lock involves changing the pin and tumbler components in a way as to excludes any possibility of opening the doors with an old key.

New Lock Installation

For some reason, many people think they can independently install a security door lock for a commercial facility without experience and skills. But if you rely on your inner intuition or online step-by-step guides – trust us, this will not lead to anything good.
The truth is that fresh installation (cut new hole) is much more difficult than it might seem at first blush, and only top-notch specialists can handle this task. Our locksmiths have deep experience with locks of all kinds, including traditional models with latch, deadbolt, or smart lock systems. Also, business owners often ask if it is possible to provide enhanced security for the premises and, at the same time, quick access to it for employees? This problem can be solved by keyless entry door lock installation (keypad).

Repair Lock

No matter how high-quality the lock is, over time its functionality decreases due to constant use. Therefore, we recommend not ignoring such a seemingly insignificant situation as a jammed door lock. If you do not fix the lock-in time, the locking mechanism may totally fail, and the security of the premises will be at risk. By contacting our company, you can be sure that a specialist will carefully inspect the lock, reveal the cause of the jamming problem and quickly fix it.
We also provide services such as broken key extraction and repairing the cylinder, core, and other lock mechanism components. Whatever trouble happened with the commercial lock, we will find a solution to restore its performance.

Commercial Locksmith in Philadelphia – We Are Always Happy to Help You

If you enter a query “commercial key (master key) cutting or duplicate” into a search engine, you will find many offers from individuals and companies. But how to understand that a locksmith will do a quality service? By contacting our company, you can be sure of the professional performance of the entire range of suggested services, from making duplicates for a universal key system, and installing a keypad lock, to replacing outdated lock mechanisms. We are honest with our clients, so we work at a fixed rate, with no hidden fees and subcontractors.

Focus on your business, and we will take care of the first-class operation of the locks!

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